The first GPL open source archiving file system

Continued technological advancement requires the ability to economically store and preserve ever larger data collections. ScoutFS is an open source project dedicated to designing and building the next generation archiving file system with scale out metadata services, built in indexing, strong data integrity guarantees, and massive file creation rates.





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Why is ScoutFS called an archiving file system?

ScoutFS was specifically designed to provide highly scalable metadata services for archiving applications and archiving workloads.  Archival workloads are very different from general purpose file system workloads.  In general, archiving file systems are less likely to optimize for high contention and high IOPS, and more likely to optimize for high file create rates and high bandwidth.  The term "archiving file system" was used to guide collaborators and users away from the idea that ScoutFS is a parallel file system or general purpose file system although it has many things in common with both.

How do I do archiving with ScoutFS?

Versity Software distributes a subscription based userland archiving application called Scout Archive Manager (ScoutAM) for efficiently managing large scale archives on any combination of tape, disk, object storage, and cloud storage resources.